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Design, Installation & Commissioning

A smart home designed by EAV using a Loxone system just knows what to do. It can play the music you want to hear – even if it is something different in each room. It can create the right atmosphere with lighting moods. It can make sure every room is always at the perfect temperature. If you want multiple features, they can all work together to ensure a level of intelligent automation, the system can be and will be designed around your specific lifestyle & requirements.

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The No.1 Smart Home System!

There are numerous reason to opt for a Loxone smart home. Intuitive control, endless possibilities, affordability, etc. With Loxone, your entire home will work as one harmonious system meaning the lighting, heating, blinds and more will all work in tandem together to create a truly intelligent home.

Here are just 5 reasons why you should consider smart home technology:

50,000 less tasks, more time to live. Loxone takes care of most tasks automatically – giving you back time to enjoy yourself.

Comprehensive solution: We offer a complete solution meaning that whatever your requirements are we can help you.

All-round security. We offer security that goes beyond protection from break-in – our security protects the building, offers privacy to occupants and more…

Save energy costs. We use a range of intelligent techniques to ensure that you save money on your energy bill.

Easy to control. With just as little as one tap you can manually control lighting, blinds, audio and more if you’d like to. 

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Check out more information on the Loxone system we install at:

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