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Installation & Maintenance

Unlike a lot of Solar PV companies, EAV are also registered electrical contractors. Solar PV systems can operate at extremely high and dangerous voltages. Being a registered electrical contractor means that we already have the experience with the electrical regulations and installation of electrical systems. EAV's staff are MCS trained and have installed multiple solar PV systems across Kent for both domestic & commercial clients. As well as installations, we offer maintenance on our Solar PV installations and on installations carried out by other installers. There are many different brands of inverters and solar panels on todays market, however, our most preferred inverter brand is Solar Edge. This is due to their unique system which incorporates an optimiser under each solar panel to maximise the output from each panel. The optimisers communicate with the inverter to reach its optimum capacity. It also has other benefits such as low voltage safety systems when working on the solar PV system. Contact us today for free advice and a no obligation quotation.

New Solar PV Installations

Solar PV Maintenance

Panel Replacements

Inverter Replacements & Upgrades

Optimiser Installations

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